It couldn't be easier to supply your work or images.

If you have digital files ready to print.

1. Make sure the image dimensions are correct.
2. Make sure the resolution is correct. Images A0 and over 180dpi. Images under A0 360dpi.
3. Save the image. The image needs to be RGB and can be save as jpeg, tiff, PSD, etc.

4. This digital file can then be sent via post, attachment on e-mail or for larger file sizes up to 1GB you can send via (It can take 5-10minutes). Please follow instructions and use Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer for Mac, please click)
NB. Photoshop users should select Adobe RGB (1998) for their working colour space.

If you don't have a digital file.

A scanning and photographic service is available.
There is also a touch up and colour quality service available.
These services vary in cost depending on what is required .Please contact us for a more accurate quote.

Once Image is ready to print.

The machine and equipment used by Digital Print Studio is colour calibrated. This means that what is visible on our screens is what will print.
Unless your screen has been calibrated what you see with probably vary slightly to what is printed (please click for Monitor Colour Calibration Service).
Therefore it is advisable to have a proof made. This is then sent to you for your approval. If there is a problem you can then discuss this before the final print is made. Alternatively you can visit the studio and over see the print, by appointment only.
Please see price list for more information on proofing costs.

Walk in Service.

You may visit the studio, now open 10am-4pm. Please call for appointment. Adjustments to your image and proofing can then be done onsite. Once satisfied the final print can be produced and taken away.